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Who We Are
To deliver unparalleled Cleaning and Resource Management Solutions for Mega Events, we have successfully amalgamated the expertise and capabilities of a locally-based company with extensive international event experience.

  • End-to-End Services
    Our Team meticulously strategised and flawlessly executed cleaning services, coupled with comprehensive upstream and downstream waste management, at:

    Winter Youth Olympic Games Innsbruck 2012
    Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games Sochi 2014
    FIFA Confederations Cup 2017
    FIFA World Cup 2018
    Amir Cup 2020
    FIFA ARAB CUP 2021
    Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023
    Qatar Grand Prix 2023

  • Unique Experience
    Additionally, our recognized Team members arranged effective cleaning services and upstream and downstream resource management systems at various large-scale sporting events: INNSBRUCK YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMES 2012, SOCHI WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES 2014, FIFA CONFEDERATIONS CUP 2017, FIFA WORLD CUP 2018, FIFA ARAB CUP 2021, FIFA WORLD CUP 2022, SPECIAL OLYMPICS BERLIN 2023.

  • Wide network with local recyclers
    We have a reliable partner network. We return into the cycle various resources: paper/cardboard, compostables, metals, and all types of plastic: PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, and PS, as well as glass bottles and cables with used batteries.

Meet Our Core Team
Our Team of professionals work tirelessly, day to day, to provide unrivalled service and satisfy clients' requirements. We utilise our expertise to provide sustainable cleaning and resource management services at your event and tailor a bespoke operational plan customised to your exact requirements.
  • Nasser Ahmed Al-Khalaf
    CEO and Project board member

    • CEO of APEX Waste Solutions and Management company
    • Board Director Al Sadarah Holding Group
    • Managing Director Agrico Agricultural Development
    • Co-Founder and MD Agricompost
    • Director Q-Choice FM & Contracting
    • Director Qatar Meat Production Factory
    • Agricultural Advisor Qatar Chamber
    • Director Envac Qatar
    • Director Qatar Maid Service
  • Eugene de Jongh
    General Manager

    • 25+ years of professional experience
    • Strong leader, highly experienced in operations management, project management, site management
    • General Manager Apex Waste Solutions and Management Company
    • COO API Associates (Australia)
    • Co-Founder and Managing Partner Agricompost
    • CEO BiobiN Qatar
    • Country Manager UBS Investment Bank (Affiliate Brokerage
    Sustainability, Operations, Logistics

  • Rishath Abdul Gaffar
    Environmental Engineer

    • Highly qualified dual-discipline engineer
    • Operations and Environmental Engineer Agricompost
    • Senior Environmental Engineer Gulf Contracting Co
    • Agricultural Engineer Gulf Contracting
    • Agriculture production Manager Al Sulaiteen Group
The Advantages of Our Team


Our Resource Management systems proposal combines the most up-to-date, relevant experience of delivery of the FIFA Waste Management programs from Russia 2018, FIFA Arab Cup 2021 and FIFA World Cup 2022, plus many other events and knowledge of local traditions, culture, environment and development vision


Our team of international experts with comprehensive experience will ensure that Waste Management solutions are favourable for the environment and Qatar's legacy

Our goal is to achieve highly successful - Zero Waste to Landfill and Waste to Value - programs that exceed local and United Nations' SDG's
Our Services
We utilise our expertise to provide sustainable cleaning services and upstream and downstream resource management services at your event and tailor a bespoke operational plan customised to your exact requirements
Operational waste management consultation services
We provide consultation services: upstream and downstream resource management, waste segregation, waste-to-recycling solutions, minimization of waste-to-landfill strategies, EPR, DRS and turnkey operational planning

Execution and coordination of cleaning and waste management activities and recycling operations

Strategic consultation for EPR and DRS systems implementation
We provide consultation and operational services on legacy solutions such as Extended Producer Responsibility and Deposit Return Scheme

Cleaning and Sustainable Waste management operations can be compared with a stadium hosting FIFA World Cup Final match.

The difference is that the Cleaning and Sustainable Waste management processes are in entire operations daily, which will entail a dedicated approach to the project delivery.

We use well-established and proven methodologies at international mega events and projects.

The first step is a joint vision to ensure that our team members consider all project phases in detail.

Proper planning for such projects is crucial for overall success and includes infrastructure/equipment planning, resource planning, cooperation with reliable partners and operational delivery.
Our Approach
Management system
Our company's management system involves global events knowledge, experience, technique, recourses and equipment to ensure absolute end-to-end management of the waste-to-value supply chain

Each phase of the project is given an equal amount of attention to ensure optimal achievement of key targets and deliverables with due consideration for balance between the scope of works, budget, labour, resources, energy, infrastructure, sustainability and legacy

Ongoing control and management of recourse and budget planning ensures maximum risk limitation and mitigation throughout the entire project lifecycle

Electronic document management system
Document management focuses on the input, storage and optimization of data to support active work in progress, including content creation and information pool for involved parties

Microsoft Office SharePoint supports Our Company's document management needs by providing a set of document management capabilities that enable our leaders to do the following:

  • storing, organizing, and locating documents;
  • ensuring the consistency and efficacy of documents;
  • enabling the protection of documents from unauthorized access or use

Scheduling and event management software
All project management activities will be managed using various IT systems, specifically, the standard features of MS Office (MS Excel, MS Project, etc.). If the scope of the project expands and the need arises for tailored planning and reporting information systems, we will be responsible for maintaining and updating the existing reference data (directories, classifiers etc.) pertaining to subjects and objects of Waste to Value activities

Our company's main PM tools are:

  • Microsoft Excel (development, baselining and tracking of the schedule);
  • Microsoft SharePoint (communicate, capture and share information within and across project teams
  • What's up/Telegram (operational comms)

Qatar's commitment to staging a sustainable FIFA World Cup™ included extensive efforts to minimise waste and recycle used materials throughout the tournament. After successfully hosting 64 matches, tournament organisers ensured that more than 2,074 tonnes of waste were recycled or composted.

APEX Waste Solutions provided services for classifying, sorting and recycling of all recyclable waste and collection and composting of food waste from all 8 stadiums and some non-official sites during the tournament.

Nasser Al Khalaf, CEO, APEX Waste Solutions and Management Company, said: "As a Qatari company, we are proud to have been a part of ensuring that FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 left behind a sustainable legacy for future generations. Through our work with the SC, we were able to ensure that waste generated at stadiums was segregated on site before being taken to any recycling facility, which significantly increased the recycling rate of our project."

The primary focus of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM Sustainability Strategy was to reduce waste and increase recycling, especially plastic and food leftovers. To achieve that, tournament organisers have successfully replaced plastic items with compostable and reusable alternatives. For unavoidable plastic units, Qatar 2022 worked diligently to remove them from the waste streams so that they could be recycled.

Organisers engaged with fans ahead of the tournament to encourage them to recycle as much as possible. Several public activations throughout Qatar 2022 engaged fans and encouraged the uptake of recycling bins at tournament sites. The success of this initiative during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ will undoubtedly create a long-lasting legacy where recycling plays an integral part in how waste is managed in Qatar.

75% of waste from the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ stadiums was recycled.

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The FIFA Arab Cup 2021 hosted matches in six stadiums. All stadiums had a centralised waste compound in the stadium precinct. Waste was transported from the stadium to the waste compound. External collection of waste was only conducted from these compounds.

One testing objective for the FAC2021 was to test the private and public sectors' capabilities to collect, treat and report on waste from a football event of this scale. To achieve this testing objective, Al Bayt Stadium was selected as a test site for a private contractor. SC carried out a competitive tendering process. We were appointed to handle all recyclable resources at Al Bayt Stadium, with the Ministry of Municipality (MoM) collecting non‐recyclable waste. MoM handled the remaining five stadiums. A key differentiator in operations was that the scope given to us included deploying a large team of sorters to manually segregate the waste that arrived to the Al Bayt waste compound. This post‐collection segregation did not occur in the remaining five stadiums.

During the planning and preparation stage it became clear that the MoM did not have suitable equipment and the necessary processes to collect segregated organic waste and segregated cardboard and paper for recycling. As a result, the SC carried out an additional competitive tender and appointed us again, for on‐site organic waste collection and treatment.

As a result, Al Bayt Stadium achieved the highest rate of recycling at 70%.
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Eugene de Jongh deployed BiobiN® composter devices and provided helpers to collect pitch grass clippings/wood, sort food and compostable packaging waste, and organized the removal of compostables.

Andrey Abramenko,
with the support of SC SUS and HC CLW teams, developed, implemented and managed operations plans related to the waste streaming pilot project, and acted as a backup help desk liaison between MoM and Transport in regard to last mile and transport areas. Andrey coordinated the accreditation process for BiobiN and other firms' management and their helpers.

BiobiN® is a mobile, on-site organic material management solution that starts the composting process and effectively manages odour from putrescible waste.
The system is scalable and compatible with all types of organic waste material. Compost produced from using the BiobiN® solution is suitable for use in landscaping and agriculture. BiobiN® is a wholly "Made in Qatar" solution.

Andrey Abramenko, who led the Local Organizing Committee for FIFA World Cup 2018 with the stadium and Host City authorities and a team of 16 staff members, developed and implemented the comprehensive Waste Management Concept for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The concept was built around the following key goals:

• to determine the priority areas of waste management according to government regulations, regional waste management facilities, expected types of waste, etc.;
• to minimise waste generation at source;
• to set up an efficient waste collection, handling, and disposal system, which included recycling for all venues;
• to ensure the support of attendees in reducing and segregating waste via an information programme.
Andrey Abramenko led the recycling project that was fully incorporated into the operations of the preliminary draw for the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ in St Petersburg.

More than 1,000 people attended the events across the various venues, at which over two tons of recyclable waste was collected in over 300 containers. In total, 655kg of polyethene packaging, 790kg of cardboard and paper, 350kg of glass, 107kg of plastic bottles, 77kg of organic waste and 6kg of batteries were sent for recycling.

In addition, more than three tonnes of decorations were reused for civic events, and 200 children attended a lecture encouraging the younger generation to take a responsible attitude towards nature and the environment.
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